Peer Reviewed Publications

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Danbold, F. & Huo, Y. J. (2017) Men’s Defense of Their Prototypicality Undermines the Success of Women in STEM Initiatives. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Sears, D.O., Danbold, F., & Zavala, V.M. (2016). Incorporation of Latino Immigrants into the American Party System. RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 2(3), 182-204.

Danbold, F., & Huo, Y. J. (2015). No Longer “All-American”? Whites’ Defensive Reactions to Their Numerical Decline. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 6(2), 210 – 218.

Papers in Progress or Review

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Danbold, F. & Unzueta, M. M. (invitation to revise & resubmit, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology). Drawing the Diversity Line: The Role of Group Status in Numerical Thresholds of Diversity.

Huo, Y. J., Danbold, F., Begeny, C. T., Serrano-Careaga, J. (invitation to revise & resubmit, International Journal of Intercultural Relations). Do You Value Me or My Ethnic Group? The Asymmetrical Influence of Personal and Subgroup Respect on Community Engagement and Psychological Well-Being.

Danbold, F. & Huo, Y. J. (in review, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology). Who Gets to Represent Us?: Defense of Prototypicality Explains Dominant Group Resistance to Diversity

Danbold, F. & Bendersky, C. (in review, Organization Science). Inverting Professional Prototypes Increases the Valuation of Women in Male-Dominated Fields.

Danbold, F. & Huo, Y. J. (in prep). Fear of Losing a White National Identity Predicts Support for Trump and Brexit.

Danbold, F., Jurcevic, I., Unzueta, M. M. (in prep). From Rosy to Reality: The Case for Realistic Framings of Diversity for Members of Dominant Groups.

 Danbold, F., Onyeador, I.N., & Unzueta, M.M. (in prep). The Role of Free Speech Concerns in Opposition to Social Justice Activism.

Danbold, F., Huo, Y.J., Begeny, C.B, Ni, H.W., & Serrano-Careaga, J.A. (in prep). Students’ Beliefs About the Relationship Between Diversity and Excellence and Intergroup Attitudes.

Danbold, F., & Rattan, A. (in prep). Entitlement to Belong in Men Predicts Opposition to Gender Diversity Efforts

Bendersky, C. & Danbold, F. (in prep). Prototype Inversion Stimulates Pro-Diversity Cultural Change in Firefighters

Sears, D.O., Danbold, F., & Zavala, V.M. (in prep). Latent Partisanship Precedes Self-Categorization: A Two-Stage Model of the Acquisition of Partisanship Observed Among Latino Immigrants.